Hustle With God (H.W.G) is a Bible teaching ministry which aid to reaching out to the world with the word of God. We aim to spread God’s word with the goal of transforming lives and bringing to light the purpose to which individuals were created.

Every person was created with a purpose in Life. However, most people live and never unveil or fulfill their Divine calling. H.W.G (Hustle With God) help individuals live and achieve their fullest potentials in life. When we tend to imitate others, we are more like birds trying to swim or lions trying to fly. it is better to fail in originality, than to succeed in imitation. You need to get out of your shell in accord with your purpose in Life.

A fish will fail when it tries to fly and be like a bird. However, it will be phenomenal in the ocean. No one teaches a fish how to swim nor a bird how to fly. It was built and designed in them by the God. You are no different than them when it  comes to your purpose in life. What is the one gift you love and do it well? spend time to develop it, and it will take you to places you’ve never dreamt of.


We offer Sermons, Song Ministration, Prayers, Books, Bible Studies, Counseling, in-depth study on spiritual growth and steps to Christ.

The Grace of God demands us to change and live a life in accord with the precepts of God.
You may fall on your road to Christ, however you have the decision to rise up. What defines a man when he falls to the ground is not when he fell or how he fell, but your decision to remain on the ground or rise up. If you can look up you can get up.

Our Counseling session is hosted by an affiliate and will require booking before appointment. Counseling sessions is provided for individuals, couples and families in the Greater Toronto Area.