Avoid Flesh, Dairy and Egg

All humans when we are born have a PH in the alkaline state. There was a reason as to why the creator said I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of the earth, and every tree which the tree is yielding seed to you it shall be as food. Our lifestyle choices and the food we eat continuously makes our bodies become acidic with time. Acidity is the number one cause of aging and welcomes diseases in our bodies. The more we consume acidic foods, the more our bodies become acidic. There are lists of alkaline foods in this book and if you can stick to eating those natural foods, your body will rejuvenate with time and heal itself from diseases. Such is the design of the creator.

Foods that are extremely acidic include: beef, fish, wheat and white flour, pasta, cakes from white flour, yogurt, cow milk, sugar, carbonated drinks, coffee, beer, liquor and many more.

Many people injure their health by indulging in eating these foods over a long period of time.

Eating red meat should be treated like tobacco in the public health. A study conducted in March in the journal Cell Metabolism, found that food that contain high amount of animal protein like cheese, milk, meat had a similar risk of getting cancer to those that smoked 20 cigarettes a day. Individual who eat red meat are more prone to higher risk of heart attacks in subsequent years. The nitrates used to preserve bacon, ham, sausages, and other processed meats is thought to be carcinogenic. On the other side, eating meat and dairy also increase the chances of weight gain. I highly recommend following the step-by-step guide in this book for 21 days as you start your journey on weight loss.

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