Healthy Tips questions: WHAT IF?


  • I don’t want to lose Weight:

That’s a very good question to ask, if you do not want to lose weight, however you still want to incorporate these healthy tips and lifestyle. My advice is to follow the diet plan as a daily routine but just stick to the first phase described in the fasting period. Where you will prepare and eat foods on the list. Do not get into the third phase where you only feed on liquids if you do not want to lose weight.

  • I want to lose fat and gain muscle:

I’m a living testimony to this question. Following the diet plan made me lose more fat.

After you go through the phases and you decide to make the plan a lifestyle habit. Stick to phase one of the fasting stage. Coupled with workout I have gained more muscles and ripped up in just 20 days. You must be consistent with the workout and the diet plan to see maximum results.

  • I feel weak in my fasting stages:

You will feel weak in the first phase when you decide to do what I call extreme 21-day fast. Individuals who take charge decide to go without solid foods and feed on only liquids or fruits for the first 7 days, and do not eat anything but sea moss. This is the third phase of the fasting. Some individuals decide from the third phase and journey themselves in the fasting period. You will be more energetic after the first 7 days with this method of fasting.


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