Quinoa Salad

Quinoa main meal



Bell peppers Zucchini Cucumber Cayenne Peppers Onion Mushroom Tomatoes Avocado

“Salad” using the vegetables on the list


  1. Slice tomatoes and remove the seeds. Place a measurable amount of tomatoes,

cayenne peppers, cut onion into a blender, and blend.

  1. Pour mixture into a saucepan with little amount of oil and at low heat.
  2. Add mushroom to the sauce and stir when necessary.
  3. Stir when needed until it’s cooked and pour the cooked Quinoa into it and mix eventually.
  4. When it ready and cooked, turn off the gas and add the bell peepers, Zucchini, cucumbers.

Serve hot with your salad and Avocado for taste and enjoy.

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