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This book will guide you through a series of steps to reduce and maintain weight and also enhance your health. You will be introduced to a FAT BURNING diet for 21 days coupled with specific herbs to help you lose weight.

There’s  a Concoction just for men and men only. If these herbs are used in their right amount conjoined with the food list in this book, you will get back on track beneath the sheets.

Humans  are born with a PH in the alkaline state and the foods we eat should be more alkaline. Acidic foods build mucus in the body which in turn welcomes the environment for growth of diseases .  Weight can be controlled and diseases can healed with natural diets and simple lifestyle choices. Change can be hard however, a right mindset can help you to achieve your ultimate goal.


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  1. Yvonne

    Thanks so much Hustle team, this book has really shaped my life. I bought it just to help me lose weight, I’m on day 8 of my journey and i feel so energetic, I have lost a few pounds. I usually have migraines at least once a week but haven’t had it this week. i believe it to be the healthy diet choices and guidelines in the book. im getting picky of late lol.
    Thanks once again

  2. Ken A. Kubi

    Only the “table of contents” tells me the book would be great. The outline and the message is simple and easy to grab. Get your copy now. I got mine few minutes ago and I’m enjoying it already. God bless the author and the unseen hard works.

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