See With Your Mind

Surrounding yourself with mediocre people will give you an idea of the ordinary within you. However, the extraordinary will reflect the greatness within.Great people are ordinary people with extra-ordinary mindset.

However, if all that you can see with your eyes is all that you see, then you do not see all that there is to been. You have to see with your mind. Where there is no vision, the people perish.  Everything we see and have around us was envisioned by people, they saw with their minds before it became a reality. You can not see more than what your mind can see.

You become what you believe. So feed your mind with purity, for every mans conscience is guided by what he feeds on, if you feed on garbage, garbage will come out. Let your mind see great things and great plans will follow. Your journey to your ultimate purpose will be rugged and tough. Walk through the pain, for it builds your tenacity to stay on top when you arrive at your destination.

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