Train Your Mind

Every single person has made a decision that has affected him negatively in life. The consequences might have lasted for day, a week, a month or even years. It might have left scars in your life. However, you should not dwell on the negativity of the past to contaminate the present and jeopardize your future. You cannot put on new clothes on a stinging body and expect the odor to go away, you have to take a shower and have yourself cleaned up and refreshed , you do not put new wine into old wineskins; otherwise, the skins burst, and the wine is spilled, and the skins are destroyed; but new wine is put into fresh wineskins, and so both are preserved.”


Making up your mind towards a dimension is hard, whether you want lose weight, eat healthy, give your life to Christ, renew your life with God. Whatever is it wont be easy and it will only be difficult if you continue to cling to the old practices, you want to fast for a day and you roaming about in places with buffet, you want to wean yourself off meat yet you constantly in steak houses, you want to stop eating sweets yet you have cake in you hand saying this is my last bite.

Remove the dirt in your life and give room for fresh things as you make your mind. To move towards your potential, you have to change your mindset. Everybody can talk but do you believe what you say, your mind is the battle ground and you have to talk to your mind. You must speak to your inner thoughts of negativity, speak to your crisis, speak to your health, speak to your faith, speak to your procrastination and start doing what you speak. You must believe what you say. Sometimes we think if God is with us, then why do we go through turmoil and pain, At the wedding feast when the wine got finished and organizers where stressed up, Christ was there with them in that storm,


when the storm was raging on the sea as if the boat was going to sink to the bottom of the sea, the disciples were afraid of the storm, however Christ was with them through the storm, but they all had one thing in common, they came to Jesus. Do not let the darkness you are passing through make you forget about the light waiting on the other side.

Do not forget what God has told you in the light when you are passing through the dark tunnel. God is with you through your pain, He is with you in the storm, it will be hard to see clear in the storm. It will be hard to believe in the storm, but remember faith is not by sight, for we wail by faith and not by sight. do not let the presence of the storm make u feel the absence of God.    Do not make negative permanent decision on the temporal storm you are going through in life. You gone through hell and hades, you’ve had ups and down. Lows and highs in your life you are not a survivor, You Are A Warrior. The fight and the struggle you go through in life to get what you want, shapes you and give you the tenacity to stay up there. The process to the price gives you the will power to stay at the top and you made it to this point. David believed he could kill Goliath, a man three times his size in stature, He believed in God and moved towards it. He made up his mind to fight the fight of faith, regardless of the size of the issue, regardless of the size of the problem, do not let the Goliath in your life negate the presence of God. If you have the unmovable faith in God, the positive mindset, the mind of a warrior then GOD will make things anew in your life. I want to encourage you today, don’t forget the promises of the most high king.

He will make you the head and not the tail, you shall be blessed in the city, the lord shall establish you in country, you are more than a conqueror.  remember you cannot do what you’ve always done and expect change, new life come from a new way of looking at yourself. But are you ready for a new seed to sprout in your life? are you willing to let go and let God take care of the rest, are your ready to rest in his bosom. Your perception about you has everything to do with who you become. Change your mind and everything will change with it, if only you believe. This is your moment. your mindset is critical and there is nothing as powerful as a made-up mind. Have you made up your mind to stay firm for the lord, steadfast to his promises that come what may I will cling to the rock and nothing else?


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  1. Dameon says:

    Thank You so much Hustle team. I need to make up my mind move towards what I want. There is nothing as powerful as a made up mind

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